1031 Exchanges

At STATUS International Real Estate,investing is much more than science; it’s an art.Dedicated to providing unsurpassed investment expertise to each and every client, our advisors combine a passion for their profession with superlative skills to make each deal they handle a masterpiece.

A specialty of particular note in creating such investment masterpieces is assisting clients with Section 1031 Exchanges.Named after Section 1031 of the IRS codes, 1031 Exchanges allow the sale of one property and purchase of another of “like kind” to be considered an exchange rather than a sale. As an exchange, the sale avoids capital gains taxes. Indeed, taxes can be deferred indefinitely.

Clarifying complexities

Though the concept is simple, the regulations governing 1031 Exchanges are not. STATUS International Real Estate advisors offer the experience and knowledge needed to help clients navigate the complexities of 1031 Exchanges and fully gain the advantages of using one with any particular investment.

Complete and comprehensive investment services

With the belief that the best model for our success is a single-minded dedication to our clients’ best interests, STATUS International knows those best interests don’t begin or end with a single investment.
With unrivaled expertise, a clear understanding of fiduciary responsibilities, and an unwavering focus on a client’s best interest, STATUS International offers a full menu of real estate services. From identifying properties to due diligence review to economic underwriting and all other steps through to the successful close of escrow, STATUS International advisors are there each step of the way.


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