Bank Owned / REO

As a company with a global reach, STATUS International Real Estate offers our clients a level of access to properties beyond that available to all but a select few. As a result, our offerings include off-market, banked-owned commercial properties in various parts of the United States. STATUS advisors specialize in identifying property with strong cap rates, quality tenants, and upside potential.

To participate, we ask that all potential investors be prepared to show proof of funds. Only after funds have been verified will property-related information be released to buyers.Since no intermediaries are permitted, we require parties seeking off market commercial real estate portfolios to contact us directly.

Educating Our Clients

At STATUS International Real Estate, we understand the significant role legal and cultural differences can play in international transactions and we aggressively work to educate foreign buyers. Foreign buyers, for instance, might be unfamiliar with the concept of “seller disclosure” because the market in their home country operates on a “buyer beware” principle.

Foreign clients may also be accustomed to different compensation models and expect certain compensations that are standard in their own countries but illegal in the U.S. Making sure all parties to a transaction are educated and informed about all aspects of a real estate transaction is the best way to ensure everyone feels they are being well served.

For any inquiries about Bank Owned / REO, please contact us.

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