From single assets to multi-market portfolios, STATUS International Real Estate provides a comprehensive range of real estate services to help apartment owners and investors trade properties in the multi-residential market. With guidance through every step of the process, from the start of the valuation phase to the final steps of closing a deal, clients draw on STATUS International’s extensive industry experience to maximize returns on their investments.

For multi-family investors, STATUS International offers:

– Acquisition and Disposition Services

– Valuation

– Market Analysis

– Location Analysis

– Marketing and Positioning of Property

– Access to Capital, Investors, and Property Owners

– Assistance in Due Diligence

– Negotiation and Contract Review

STATUS International provides a customized, full-service approach to the acquisition and disposition process, tailoring services to fit your business objectives. By leveraging the STATUS Network, buyers and sellers have been successfully linked from across the globe to complete multi-family transactions.

For any inquiries about Multi-Family, please contact us.

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