For those who prefer not to deal with the complexities of buying and managing individual properties or simply want to ease their way into real estate investments, STATUS International Real Estate offers Syndication services.

Through syndication, basically small mutual funds for properties, STATUS International Real Estate researches, buys and manages properties. Investors then buy shares in those properties, grouped as a syndicate.

Syndicates might include a mixture of single-family, multifamily and commercial properties, as well as vacant land bought to flip or to hold for development.

STATUS International operates the investment group and manages its properties, taking care of maintenance, advertising for vacant units, screening tenants, collecting rent and all other management responsibilities. Investors do nothing but enjoy the dividends.

STATUS International Real Estate also specializes in land investments, with land purchased for both investment and development.

Long regarded as one of the most secure and stable investments, real estate is also one of the most certain paths to building wealth. Syndicates are one of many tools with which STATUS International works.

For any inquiries about Syndication, please contact us.

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